Juul Buddha Art
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White Buddha
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FAITH: click for moreJuul Buddha Art follows in the footsteps of traditional Dutch artists displaying the exquisite use of light and shadow in a contemporary Buddha Collection which now consists of over 25 different paintings. Each represents a universal virtue and can complement any interior or enhance any ambience with its spirituality and beauty.
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Juul's art is decorating places in public settings, such as lounges and spas, and private settings such as living rooms and patios. With a variety of textures, colors and sizes, there is always a Juul to match the atmosphere and brighten up the walls in style and serenity.
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For yoga, relaxation and meditation, any place we use to unwind and relax, reflect or meditate, alone or with friends. Browse the collection or email, Like or Follow Juul for questions or comments or to share experiences in creating and enjoying spiritual art.